This symposium is the 2nd of series of symposia held in memory of late Professor Junjiro Kanamori, who passed away in 2012 at the age of 82. It aims at looking over the present state of selected themes of science and promoting a movement pushing back the frontiers of the fields. This time, we selected three sub-themes of the symposium: (1) From Magnetism to Magnets, (2) Quantum Spin Systems, and (3) Spintronics. All the sub-themes are strongly related to the activities of Professor Kanamori. The symposium is sponsored in part by Yamada Science Foundation as well as by Osaka University.

Magnetism through Permanent Magnets

Basic research targeting new magnetic materials including permanent magnets is the theme. These directions in particular attract much interest in view of so-called element strategy. Not only magnetism is relevant to the field but interdisciplinary research activities are required. Various new approaches based on material informatics are also expected to play roles. Thus the recent development in the field obtained using various approaches including electronic structure calculation, material informatics, and so forth will be discussed.

Novel Order and Low-Temperature Quantum State of Quantum Spin Systems

In quantum spin systems governed by enhanced quantum effects, novel orders like the topological order and intriguing quantum states like the quantum spin-liquid state have recently been found, and are attracting much attention. In the symposium, we wish to survey the present status of recent research activities on such novel order and low-temperature state of quantum spin systems both from theoretical and experimental viewpoints.

New Development in Spintronics

Spintronics is a fields where the electronics and information technology based on new materials, devices, and systems that utilize spin degree of freedom are studied. The field is rapidly developed in terms of both basic and applied sciences. In Japan, there are many groups and institutes that initiate the physics related to novel magnetic orderings and excitations caused by the spin-orbit interaction, and hence, stimulating discussions focusing on frontier of this field are expected.


Prof. Dr. Junjiro Kanamori (March 7, 1930 - November 13, 2012) was a physicist who had led the world in the field of condensed matter theory in particular magnetism. Also he established a unique research style, namely demonstrative science and computational physics, which greatly influences researches in the field of condensed matter physics. To honor the achievements of Professor Kanamori, the 1st Junjiro Kanamori International Symposium was held at Osaka University Hall in June 16, 2013, which later was decided to be continued by a series of symposia. The aim of the symposia is to look over the present state of several selected themes of a field, not restricted to condensed matter physics, and to promote the movement pushing back the frontiers of the field.

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